Yvonne Nelson’s bittered ex-boyfriend, Pappy Kojo sent people talking after ridiculously raining vulgar insults on Her at a live performance.

Pappy Kojo recently had an enthralling performance at a program where he brought joy to the people present at the program.

Unfortunately, before Pappy Kojo dropped his microphone, he used vulgar insults on Actress Yvonne Nelson. He said in-plane local dialect, ‘Yvonne Nelson ne tw_’.

His surprising comment threw the crowd off the hook as they shouted in amazement!

The video has since gone viral on all social media platforms as fans react to the hilarious comment.

Many people are not pleased with Pappy Kojo mounting a stage to entertain the youth but rather use the opportunity to disrespect Yvonne Nelson!

Others, however, claim Pappy Kojo has been traumatised since the day Actress Yvonne Nelson dumped him for his close friend, Joey B.

Pappy Kojo has since been subjected to criticism on social media for spewing such comments on Yvonne Nelson.

Scores of netizens have chided the rapper for what they described as being bitter and sexist. Though there is no clarity as to what triggered Him to do that, many have linked it to a heartbreak He suffered from their alleged relationship way back.

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