Asafo Market Women Demonstrates Against 2M EXPRESS For Stealing Their Entrance

Market Women at Asafo in the Ashanti Region has made a demonstration against 2M Express for the building they have put up at the entrance of their marketplace.

According to the Women, the place given to 2M Express by KMA to build his station is the entrance of their market.

In an interview with the media, Mr Isaac Owusu, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Asafo Market disclosed that their entrance has been given to 2M Express by KMA to create a station meanwhile 2M Express is having a station opposite VIP.
The 2M Express building has been the cause of their marketplace getting muddy whenever it rains.
He, therefore, calls on the government to come to their aid.

Moreover, the market women also made known to Ezra TV/FM reporter that they will not allow 2M Express to bring his station there because the place belongs to them.
They reiterated, the contractor for the project lied to them about constructing something that will help them and provide shelter for them when it rains, which they later came to the realization.
Another big concern is the fear of when there is a fire outbreak, there will be no entrance for Fire service to come to their aid.

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