Sleep with a Movie Director for an iPhone instead of a movie role – Ghanaian Actress


The elegant Ghanaian actress Janet Brefo Yankson popular in the showbiz industry as Sweet Mimi has adviced fellow actresses not to succumb to the sexual demands of movie directors just for a movie role.

According to Mimi, there is a proper opportunity for young actresses to make skits on social media platforms to get the recognition needed, since social media has taken center stage in the making of stars. Hence no need sleeping with Directors for roles.

“If you are told by an old man to sleep with him before you get a role, please don’t do it because to become a star in our era is so easy now. If you are not given the opportunity to be cast in a movie, you can create a content with your phone to become a star. Please don’t allow anyone to sleep with you, go and buy an iPhone or if you have to sleep with someone it should be for an iPhone but not sleeping with someone for a role”. Sweet Mimi told Agoropapa on Entertainment Arena on Ezra 94.1 Mhz


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