“I’m safe and kicking”; Edem shares his side of the story after he knocked down a woman leading to her death

Multiple award winning Ghanaian Reggae and hiphop act, Edem, has finally shared a statement following reports that’s speculating that he knocked down a woman leading to her death.

In the statement sighted on social media, the rapper explained how the “near fatal accident” happened, leading to the death of the yet tonbe identified woman.

“Musician Edem Goget’em escaped what is described by the MTTD division of the Tesano Police Service as near Fatal accident,” a portion of the statement read.

“On Sunday, 10th December, the musician after his appearance on United Television had an accident on the George Walker Bush Highway, where a “naked” woman crossed his path out of nowhere. Edem’s car turned upside down after the impact but the artiste is very fine,” the statement added.

The rapper also assured his fans and Ghanaians that he is assisting the police in the investigation.

“Edem is currently complying with the police service for due process as the case is still under investigation. Edem has assured his availability to assist investigations when need be. Edem assures all his fans that he is safe, fully active and kicking,” the statement concluded.

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