Know the statutory public holidays in 2024

Ghanaians will observe a total of 13 statutory public holidays and commemorative days in 2024.

These are statutory holidays arranged for by the dictates of the constitution of Ghana. The schedule for this year’s holiday observation has been published by the Ministry of the Interior.

With New Year’s Day, January 1 already gone by, the next public holiday will be January 7, 2024. This falls on Sunday so it will be observed on Monday.

The next holiday is on March 6 which is Independence Day.

The Easter holidays will follow with Good Friday and Easter Monday falling on March 29 and April 1 respectively. May Day, otherwise known as Workers’ Day is on May 1.

Founders’ Day which is to celebrate the founding fathers of the nation will be on August 4, while Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day which is to celebrate the birthday of Ghana’s first president will be on September 21.

December 2022 will have three public holidays made up of Farmer’s Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day falling on December 6, December 25, and December 26 respectively.

Two other statutory holidays that commemorate the Islamic festive seasons do not have their dates fixed yet by the Ministry of the Interior.

“There are no fixed dates for Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha because they are movable feasts. The dates for the observation are provided by the Office of the Chief Imam in the year,” the ministry noted.

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